Irish Men’s Shed and Bigbin Team Up!

Irish Men's Shed

The BIGbin Company are delighted to announce that we have teamed up with The Irish Men’s Shed Association. A Men’s Shed is any community based, non-commercial organisation which is open to all men where the primary activity is the provision of a safe, friendly and inclusive environment where the men are able to gather and/or work on meaningful projects at their own pace, in their own time and in the company of other Men’s Shed members and where the primary objective is to advance the health and well-being of the participating men. Men’s Sheds may look like a normal shed in your back garden but they innovatively share some characteristics of community, education and health promotion projects. There are currently 200 Men’s Sheds across Ireland with almost 6,000 men attending their local sheds on a regular basis.

The Irish Men’s Shed Association has recently developed a new membership card known as a “Shedders Card”. This card offers members special privileges, discounts and special offers across shops and services throughout Ireland. The BIGbin will be offering all Shedders Card holders 20% off the use of any BIGbin unit throughout Ireland. We will also be providing sheds with free tickets to use our waste disposal service.

The BIGbin Company is a pay-as-you-go waste disposal service operating in various areas around Ireland, see here for a full list of locations. The premise of the BIGbin is that we install waste compactors on petrol forecourts and retail outlets across the country. We offer our customers huge savings and with the BIGbin there is no need to worry about annual fees, contracts or missing your collection day. Our units are open 7 days a week which means you can drop your waste off whenever suits you.

Stop dancing to someone else’s tune when it comes to your own waste and march to the beat of your own drum! Our BIGbin units are extremely easy to use and based on customers using the bins every two weeks for one year they can reduce their waste bill by over 50%. All you have to do is fill two of your own black bags or waste and bring them to your local BIGbin unit. Purchase your ticket in the shop/petrol station, key in the code into the unit and through in your two bags of rubbish, it’s that easy!

Cheap Bin Collection Listowel

Cheap Bin Collection Listowel

The BIGbin Company are delighted to announce that our Listowel Bin is back up and running! We would like to apologies to all of our BIGbin customers who were disturbed during our hiatus.

Many of you are already aware of The BIGbin Company and how we work, but for those who don’t keep reading and you will find out all about us. For our existing customers we would greatly appreciate it if you could share the news of the reopening of the Listowel bin!

The BIGbin Company is a cheap and alternative solution to your traditional bin collection service. The waste collection industry here in Ireland is extremely outdated and inconvenient for many people. We have noted that many small households are continuously putting out half empty bins for collection but they are still paying the same price as a large household who will have a full bin every week. Many waste collection companies insist their customers sign a contract, pay an annual fee and possibly a start-up fee. So if you are fed up of paying for to put out half empty bins or you continuously miss your bin collection day then The BIGbin is for you.

Our BIGbin units are extremely easy to use. All you have to do is fill two of your own black bags full of waste, pop them into your car and bring them the nearest BIGbin unit to you. Once you get to the petrol station or retail outlet purchase your ticket in the shop, key in the code into the BIGbin unit and throw your two bags of rubbish in, it’s that simple!

The Bigbin Offer in Listowel

We offer our customers huge savings on their waste bill. From recent research we conducted we established that on average waste collection costs here in Ireland are €298.35. Our customers will testify that based on using the BIGbin every two weeks for their domestic waste they can save over 50% on their waste bill annually.

We strongly encourage all of our customers to recycle and composting before visiting one of our BIGbin units. Although we recover over 50% of the waste we recover from our compactors, we believe in doing our bit for the environment and encouraging our customers to recycle their products before using our service. Not only is this good for the environment but it is also extremely beneficial to you! By recycling and composting before you use the BIGbin you are freeing up space in your domestic bin!

Our BIGbin units are open 7 days a week so why not try us today and see how much you could save!

Cheap Waste Disposal in Cork City and Cork County

No Annual Fee! No Contract! No Putting Out Bins! No Bin Collection Days!

Cheap Waste Disposal in CorkWe would like to introduce you the BIGbin, An alternative method to your annual bin collection service. We have large waste compactors situated on forecourts of six popular petrol stations in Cork City and also Cork County. The traditional method of waste collection is outdated and inconvenient for many people. We offer customers great value for a hassle free service.

Not sure if BIGbin is for you? BIGbin is for everyone!! We are an ideal service that everyone and anyone can use! We do not charge an annual fee and with us there are no contracts! You simply dispose of your waste as you need to! We charge €6 for two black bags of rubbish.

We are a simple to use service, operating in Cork City and Cork County. All you need to do it find your local BIGbin and bring your own black bags full of rubbish, purchase your ticket in the petrol station and key in the code into the waste compactor. It’s that easy!!

We are ideal for people who live in small households, empty nesters, pensioners, those on a budget, people who do not accumulate enough rubbish to justify paying for a waste collection service and even people who produce rubbish at peak times. For example if you are having a spring clean in your house and you have too much rubbish to put out for your waste collection service, bring your excess waste to your nearest BIGbin unit! We are a cheap waste disposal alternative in Cork City and Cork County.

Our BIGbin units are an environmentally friendly method to waste disposal as we recycle a large proportion of the waste that we recover from our compactors. Here at The BIGbin Company we are extremely passionate about helping our customer’s dispose of their waste in an environmentally friendly way that is also very cost effective. We use the latest technology to monitor our bins remotely. When the BIGbin is full it is collected and brought to a recycling centre where we recycling the contents using Mechanical Biotechnology Treatment (MBT) Technology. We recycling over 50% of the waste we collect from the BIGbin units. However, we still encourage our customers to recycle as much as they can before using the BIGbin.

Fed up of having to “Dance to Someone Else’s Tune” in regards to your own waste? It’s time to make a change and switch to the BIGbin! We can guarantee you will save Time, Effort and Money!! You can finally pick what day your rubbish is disposed of and not have to worry about missing assigned bin collection days! We are located on forecourts of  busy petrol stations in Cork with Bins in Mayfield for the City and Mallow.

There is no need to pay your annual collection fee anymore! Our BIGbin units operate 7 days a week which mean you can literally dispose of your waste any time!!


By using BIGbin you are also supporting local businesses as we are 100% Irish Owned!!

Places to get rid of Rubbish in Limerick

No bin tags! No stickers! No special bags! No pulling and dragging wheelie bins! No waiting for specific days of collection!

Sick of paying an annual waste collection fee? Fed up of signing a contract with your waste collection service? Tired of Waiting around for collection days? We have the solution for you!

Rubbish in LimerickBIGbin is a convenient and handy waste disposal service compared to your standard bin collection/skip hire service. The traditional bin collection service is inconvenient and outdated for many households. A lot of people do not accumulate enough domestic waste to pay for an annual waste collection service; people are also tied down to specific collection days and have to enter a contract with their service provider. BIGbin allows you to dispose of your rubbish whenever you need to, with no annual or start-up fee!

Bag it! Bring it! Bin it!

Simply fill 2 of your own black bags full of waste, bring it to your nearest BIGbin unit and bin it into our large compactor.

To use the BIGbin unit you simply purchase a ticket in the petrol station and key in the code on that ticket into the machine. Our BIGbin units are situated on 4 forecourts of popular petrol stations in Limerick. The units are well lit up so they can be used anytime!

BIGbin is a cheap waste disposal alternative to your annual bin collection service. We charge €6 for 2 bags of rubbish.

Fed up of having to “Dance to someone else’s tune” in relation to YOUR own rubbish? It’s time to dance to your own tune and here at BIGbin we are happy to help you do just that!!

We are situated at 4 busy petrol stations in Limerick, including 2 Topaz garages. Our company’s ethos goes hand in hand with Topaz’s slogan “That’s Better” as we here at BIGbin are “Better” than the traditional waste collection service. We are delighted to operate at Topaz service stations as believe in doing what’s best for their customers and ensuring they get the best value for their service, as do we! Topaz now have 330 petrol stations throughout Ireland.

Everyday Topaz strive to do better for their customers by delivering world class service and standards. Like BIGbin they aim to provide an exceptional service to their customers so we are thrilled to be working with them!

We are also situated at The Amber Service Station and Also a Texaco service station. The addresses for the 4 BIGbin locations operating in Limerick are listed below;

Amber Cross Service Station,                                                Topaz Corbally,

Moyross,                                                                                       Corbally Road,

Limerick.                                                                                      Limerick.


Texaco Service Station,                                             Topaz Ballysimon,

Roxboro,                                                                         Ballysimon Road,

Limerick.                                                                          Limerick.

The BIGbin is coming to Dublin (Tesco Clarehall)

At last we are pleased to announce that the BIGbin is coming to Dublin. Our first unit will be located at Tesco’s Clarehall, Malahide road.  We are delighted with this move, asnot only does it mean that we can offer the citizens of Dublin a convenient and cheap alternative to your standard waste collection service, but that it cements BIGbin as Irelands leading forecourt waste disposal service. The BIGbin will be installed alongside the bottle banks at Tesco Clarehall. The public is charged €6 per load, which is two average bags. It can be used 7 days a week.

tesco dublin flyer inset for web


Cork city has announced that as of this year the waiver on refuse collection is going to be withdrawn. This is bad news for the low income household and people on a pension. Half of the Council’s domestic customers are on full or partial waivers. Cork City Council operates  very generous waiver system and in doing so foregoes €4.1 milion per annum in income. Existing waivers will be honoured until April 15th 2013.GOODBYE TO THE WAIVER

The BIGbin is an effective solution to this problem. We have got four locations in Cork and hope to expand that by the summer. We operate as an alternative to waste collection services and are an affordable way of disposing of household waste convieniantly and cost effectively. If you have any questions regarding the removal of the Waiver  Cork city Council have set up An Information Line Freefone No. 1800 283 034 will operate from 10.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday, until Friday July 8th. See our locations page LINK for our BIGbin locations and for news on new locations.

BIGbin – an alternative to skip hire!

BIGbin – an alternative to skip hire!

So from time to time you will read on our website that BIGbin is an alternative to skip hire! Why do we state this? Because it’s true, and we want our customers to be aware of the massive savings. For instance a small skip (that’s 2.5 cubic yards) holds 11 standard bin bags. That skip is going to cost €168 as quoted by some waste operators; if you use the BIGbin those same 11 bags will only cost you €66 that’s a whopping saving of €102!!! There is nothing rubbish about that!!

The Evolution of Waste Collection

Since the beginning of time humans have had a problem with rubbish. There was no prehistoric bin collection service. No caveman bin lorry or friendly fortnightly bin collection. We had four basic means of dealing with rubbish. 1. Dumping  2.  Burning 3. Recycling 4. Waste minimization.

Dumping literally meant chucking your rubbish out of the nearest window into the street or thoroughfare. That also included human waste and anything else that was not wanted in the house. Good luck to the passer by who was unlucky enough to be under the window at the time.  Of course the Greeks were a bit more civilized, around 500 BC in Athens they founded the first municipal waste dump in the western world. Situated at least one mile from the city limits. This still was a long way from a modern bin collection service but still it meant that the streets were at least clear of refuse.

Burning was historically the most favoured way of dealing with waste management. Get your rubbish and set fire to it. Easy, no mess no fuss and just a pile of ashes to contend with. However in olden times burning often meant that not only your rubbish was consumed but also your house and your neighbours house as well. Along with no Bin collection service there was no fire brigade either. Bad news for towns and city’s.

The Evolution of Waste Collection
Burning Rubbish

Recycling is sort of self explanatory and not the modern invention we think it is. Historically recycling was a matter of necessity. We just did not have the recources to be able to dispose of things without thought. Everything that had a material value had to be reused till it simply wore out.

Waste minimization was not really a factor as it was mostly organic waste that was produced. Its only since the industrial revolution that material waste has become a factor. Hence the need for the modern model of a weekly bin collection service. New York city being one of the first to implement a regular weekly bin collection service in the late 19th century.

Now we are faced with the need to revise our attitudes to domestic waste and also to think of alternatives to the traditional bin collection services. The BIGbin is a viable affordable service that provides the home owner with an alternative.



So we decided to do something different! We wanted to raise awareness of BIGbin, our services and what we do but we did not want to go down the root that other business’s seem prone to take. Lets face it Billboards are well frankly boring.  Fortunately we have on staff our own resident crazy artist and after a cup of tea and a brain storming session we came up with the idea of clean tagging as a way of promoting what we do.  We are a young company and only really just starting out in the waste compacting business so we wanted to make a statement as well as promote ourselves. We believe in Art and wanted to not just advertise but to actually do street art that will look good and make people stop and enjoy.

First we cast about for strong iconic images that would work well on the walls. We needed to make sure that we could also convert the images we were thinking about into functional stencils. Here are some of our first ideas.



We then digitally placed these into images we had taken to see what the image would look like when finished.



These images proved to be to complex to turn into stencils so back to the drawing board. Finally after many hours of searching we came up with three very strong iconic images that would sit well on the wall and be easy enough to execute as a stencil. The first step was to create the board artwork as a black and white image.

Then convert that image into an 8×4 stencil.





Once that was done and we planned out the bridges we sent the files away to a company to rowte the image out of 1cm thick plastic board. We then waited for a gap in the weather to go out and tackle the project. We waited and waited and waited and waited and finally a gap in the clouds appeared and we managed to do a few locations before a slight mishap involving the van and the art boards. Oh Well at least we managed to do it. We were delighted with the results and have gotten really positive feedback.

Cork City – Here we come

Good news for those on a budget in Cork, we are about to install five bins to Cork.Its €6 for 2 bags of rubbish and €2 for recycling. BIGbin Hollyhill is to be operational by September 1st and the other four locations in early October.

Cobh Service Station, Tiknock, Cobh, Co. Cork.

Discount Fuel Deals Hollyhill Service Station, Harbour View Road, Hollyhill, Cork.

Texaco Garage. Ballyhooly Rd, Ballyvolane, Cork City, Cork

Lee Tunnel Service Station, Islandgate, Cork

Co-Op Superstore Carraigaline

Hollyhill, Carraigaline, Cobh, Ballyvolane and Commons road.

No bin tags! No stickers! No special bags! No pulling and dragging wheelie bins! No waiting for specific days of collection.  Subsequently the BIGbin Company recycle 45-55% of our waste through Mechanical Biological Treatment.