Report Litter Bugs around Ireland

Report Litter Bugs around Ireland

Here at The BIGbin Company we are extremely environmentally friendly. We recycle over 50% of the waste that we collect from our waste compactors. We strongly encourage our customers to reuse and recycle as many items as they can, after all our company’s ethos is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! We discuss why it is important to Report Litter Bugs around Ireland below…

We understand that many of you do all that you can to keep your community looking clean and tidy. However there are still the small few living in your community and surrounding towns and cities that continue to exploit our beautiful, scenic country and throw their litter left, right and centre. There are bins placed by local authorities in all towns and cities in Ireland so they are no excuses, next time you think it’s ok to drop your chewing gum or ice-cream wrapping on the floor don’t do it! There are many penalties and fines in place to ensure you are punished for your crime, remember that littering is an offence! You can report litter bugs to your local authority, the Gardaí or the Environmental Protection Agency.

Report Litter Bugs around Ireland

Why Report Litter Bugs around Ireland? ‘Litter’ in Ireland under the legislation is defined quite widely and refers to anything from a piece of paper or cigarette butt to anything that is small or large, that is or is likely to become unsightly. The Local Authority in your area is responsible for implementing litter laws. This means your Local Authority is responsible for the prevention and control of litter and they have the power to take enforcement action against people who break or ignore these laws. Your local authority is also responsible for keeping public places that they control, including public roads clean and litter free. This includes the arrangement of cleansing programmes and the provision and emptying of litter bins. Gardaí also have the power to issue on the spot fines for littering.

Leaving or throwing litter in a public place is an offence that can be subject to an on-the-spot fine of €150 or a maximum fine of €3,000 if you are convicted of a litter offence in the District Court. Where an offence continues after conviction, the person concerned is guilty of a further offence and is liable to a fine not exceeding €600 a day for each day during which the contravention continues. The Protection of the Environment Act 2003 introduced conviction on indictment and carries a maximum fine not exceeding €130,000 and a fine not exceeding €10,000 per day for continuing offences.

Next time you spot somebody in your area or another community littering be sure to report them. It’s your home town and environment they are harming so do not hesitate to pick up the phone! You can report cases littering and illegal dumping to a 24- hour lo-call number on 1850 365 121. You can also notify the Gardaí in your local are or your Local Authority of littering that you witnessed.

If you are interested in finding out about the litter policies that are in place in your area contact your local authority. They can inform you about your duties and obligations, maximum fines and penalties.

Here is where you can contact your Local Authority to find out information about littering or to report a case of littering you have witnessed:

Changes to Waste Collection Services in Dublin City

Dublin CityDue to recent changes by Dublin City Council waste collection is becoming increasingly difficult in Dublin. There are many regulations that both customers and waste collection companies must abide by. These hanges are called waste bye-laws.

Customers of Waste collection companies can only out their bins out for collection at specific times. Customers outside of the Central Commercial District can only put their waste out for collection after 6.p.m on the day before collection. Customers living within the Central Commercial District cannot display waste for collection before 5.p.m on their designated collection day. The council may also allocate a specific collection point where customers will have to place their bin in order for it to be collection by their waste collection service. (To see a map of the Central Commercial District look at the Dublin City Council Website )

In regards to waste collection companies there are also many regulations within the bye-laws.  If customers leave out their bin and it is over-loaded, companies cannot collect the bin. All waste must be inside the waste container with the lid closed. Companies are only permitted to collect waste outside the Central Commercial District on the designated collection day between 6.a.m – 9.p.m Monday to Friday and 8.a.m – 8.a.m Saturday and Sunday. Within the Central Commercial District waste companies are only permitted to collect customers waste on the designated day between 12 midnight.

According to the bye-laws all customers of waste collection companies must enter into contract with an authorised waste collector for both household and commercial waste. Items excluded from collection are glass, hazardous waste, electrical and electronic equipment and bulky waste such as carpets and rubble.

With these new bye-laws disposing of your waste is very difficult. It’s time to introduce you to The BIGbin Company. We are a low-cost easy to use waste disposal alternative to your standard bin collection service. We are a pay-as-you-go waste disposal unit operating in Clarehall, Dublin.

We offer customers superb value charging only €6 for 2 bags of rubbish. Our BIGbin units are fully sealed compactors that adhere to all EPA guidelines. Here at BIGbin we are very environmentally friendly. We recycle over 50% of the waste that we recover from our compactors. Even though we recycle a large portion of the waste we recover we still strongly encourage all of our customers to recycle and compost as much as they possibly can before visiting our BIGbin Units.

The BIGbin is extremely easy to use! You just bring two of your own bags of rubbish to BIGbin Clarehall, Purchase the ticket inside, key in the code onto the BIGbin and throw your waste in, it’s that simple!!

So why not change today and take control over your waste? With BIGbin there is no annual fee, no start-up fee and no contract! You get to finally decide your collection day and wer open 7 days a week!

Tesco Clarehall
Malahide Road,

BIGbin Winner Vodafone award 2012

BIGbin Winner Vodafone awardWaterford based waste company, the BIGbin are the proud to have judged silver winner at the recent Vodafone Start up awards which took place at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin. The Vodafone Startup Awards are all about recognising young, exciting, entrepreneurial Irish companies. They seek to reward innovation, endeavour, and graft and demonstrate that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Ireland in 2012 and beyond.

 The judges included Bobby Kerr Insomnia Coffee Company and RTE Dragon and Frank Cronin CEO, Newstalk 106-108. After having initially being shortlisted from over 300 entrants the BIGbin were delighted to have received the award and the recognition from their peers

BIGbin was formed in 2010 and initially installed one bin in Waterford. They now have bins operating in Counties Cork, Kerry, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford, Westmeath and Limerick.  The BIGbin company have created its own niche within the waste industry in Ireland. The premise of the B.B is that they install waste compactors on petrol forecourt throughout Ireland. These bins are for domestic waste allowing customers to fit up to two bags for every €6 ticket. BIG bin is good for the environment, good for your local garage and great for users. So, don’t waste your time and save money with the BIGbin.


WATERFORD CITY- Gulf Oil, Cork rd (opp WIT), Caulfields SuperValu ( Hypermarket)

TRAMORE- Daybreak, Riverstown (Burns)

FERRYBANK- Top Service Station (near train station)


Illegal Dumping up 30% last year – BIGbin is the solution.

The BIGbin Company is one of Irelands most  progressive and environmentally conscious waste disposal companies in Ireland.  We are extremely aware of the fact that the units must be regulated and monitored in a professional and competent manner and are  completely geared towards the “polluter-pays principle”.  The public can only access the bin by pre-purchased tickets, which gives them access to the feed drum of the bin for the disposal of their mixed Illegal Dumpingmunicipal waste.  While, we cannot offer source segregation at this time, BIGbin guarantees the highest percentage possible recovery from each unit.  We are confident that the BIGbin helps to reduce the amount of unrecorded waste (which might normally be burned, left in ditches or dumped illegally) around the country. The contents of the BIGbin are treated using MBT technology which recovers 45-55% of waste, diverting it from landfill

The BIGbin is a free-standing, fully sealed bin compactor for black bin domestic waste.  Customers buy a coded ticket from shop location and dispose of their rubbish via the drum which accesses the container.  Using GSM-modem technology we keep track of the volume in the container and organise a fully licensed, certified waste management contractor to collect it when full.  There are currently 22 of these bins operating throughout Ireland and  Local Authorities  are supportive of this concept.

Illegal Dumping






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