Cheap Waste Disposal in Cork City and Cork County

No Annual Fee! No Contract! No Putting Out Bins! No Bin Collection Days!

Cheap Waste Disposal in CorkWe would like to introduce you the BIGbin, An alternative method to your annual bin collection service. We have large waste compactors situated on forecourts of six popular petrol stations in Cork City and also Cork County. The traditional method of waste collection is outdated and inconvenient for many people. We offer customers great value for a hassle free service.

Not sure if BIGbin is for you? BIGbin is for everyone!! We are an ideal service that everyone and anyone can use! We do not charge an annual fee and with us there are no contracts! You simply dispose of your waste as you need to! We charge €6 for two black bags of rubbish.

We are a simple to use service, operating in Cork City and Cork County. All you need to do it find your local BIGbin and bring your own black bags full of rubbish, purchase your ticket in the petrol station and key in the code into the waste compactor. It’s that easy!!

We are ideal for people who live in small households, empty nesters, pensioners, those on a budget, people who do not accumulate enough rubbish to justify paying for a waste collection service and even people who produce rubbish at peak times. For example if you are having a spring clean in your house and you have too much rubbish to put out for your waste collection service, bring your excess waste to your nearest BIGbin unit! We are a cheap waste disposal alternative in Cork City and Cork County.

Our BIGbin units are an environmentally friendly method to waste disposal as we recycle a large proportion of the waste that we recover from our compactors. Here at The BIGbin Company we are extremely passionate about helping our customer’s dispose of their waste in an environmentally friendly way that is also very cost effective. We use the latest technology to monitor our bins remotely. When the BIGbin is full it is collected and brought to a recycling centre where we recycling the contents using Mechanical Biotechnology Treatment (MBT) Technology. We recycling over 50% of the waste we collect from the BIGbin units. However, we still encourage our customers to recycle as much as they can before using the BIGbin.

Fed up of having to “Dance to Someone Else’s Tune” in regards to your own waste? It’s time to make a change and switch to the BIGbin! We can guarantee you will save Time, Effort and Money!! You can finally pick what day your rubbish is disposed of and not have to worry about missing assigned bin collection days! We are located on forecourts of  busy petrol stations in Cork with Bins in Mayfield for the City and Mallow.

There is no need to pay your annual collection fee anymore! Our BIGbin units operate 7 days a week which mean you can literally dispose of your waste any time!!


By using BIGbin you are also supporting local businesses as we are 100% Irish Owned!!

Friendly Cheap Waste Disposal Collection Service

Waste Disposal Collection ServiceBIGbin: An Environmentally Friendly Cheap Waste Disposal Collection Service

No bin tags! No stickers! No special bags! No pulling and dragging wheelie bins! No waiting for specific days of collection!

Here at BIGbin, you the customer decide your bin collection day! Our units are open 7 days a week and are designed to suit you! For €6 you get to put 2 black bags of domestic waste into our compactors. It’s really easy to use, simply bring your rubbish to any of our BIGbin locations, purchase a ticket in the shop and key in the code on the ticket into our compactor. Just place you bags in the drum and walk away. It’s effortless!!

The BIGbin units benefit you the customer but they are also a huge benefit to the garages where they are located. Garages that have a BIGbin become a stop-off point for all conveniences. As our location partners will testify the BIGbin attracts new customers who seek out the handiness of the BIGbin.

Cheap Waste Disposal Collection Service

Not only does the BIGbin benefit the customers and garages but the environment too!! According to recent reports the average person generates over 4 pounds of rubbish a day and about 1.5 tonnes of solid waste per year.

Here are some interesting facts about recycling:

  • One recycled glass bottle saves  enough energy to power a computer for 25 minutes
  • Recycling one aluminium can saves enough energy to listen to a full album on your i-Phone/i-Pod
  • Recycling 100 cans could light your bedroom for a whole 2 weeks
  • Recycling just one plastic bottle will save enough energy to power a 60 watt light bulb for 3 hours
  • It takes 24 trees to produce 1 ton of newspapers
  • Plastic can take up to 500 years to decompose

After reading these facts it’s amazing that such little things can help the environment! So change your way of thinking and join BIGbin with our ethos of REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE!!

Skip Hire –’s Alternative!!!

BIGbin is a convenient and handy waste disposal service compared to your standard bin collection/skip hire service. The traditional bin collection service is inconvenient for many households. A lot of people do not accumulate enough domestic waste to pay for an annual waste collection service; people are also tied down to specific collection days and have to enter a contract with their service provider. BIGbin allows you to dispose of your rubbish whenever you need to!

skip hire

Our BIGbin units are an environmentally friendly method of waste disposal as we recycle a large portion of the waste that we recover from our compactors. Along with being environmentally friendly, here at BIGbin we are extremely passionate about helping our customer’s dispose of their waste in a cost effective way.

Here at BIGbin we are very conscience of protecting the environment. Our BIGbin units are fully sealed compactors which adhere to all EPA guidelines. We recover over 50% of the waste collected from our waste compactors. We would still like to encourage our customers to recycle at home, as here at BIGbin our ethos is REDUCE, REUSE and RECYLE waste.

With using BIGbin you are eliminating the possibility of illegal dumping in Ireland. As members of the public you can report any sightings of illegal dumping to the EPA. If you see anyone illegally disposing of their waste lo-call 1850-365-121. Local authorities, the gardaí and the EPA will follow-up the information provided by the public, as appropriate. Leaving or throwing rubbish in a public place is an offence and can have an on the spot fine of €150 or a maximum fine of €3000 if you are convicted of a litter offence in the District Court. So don’t hesitate in reporting litterbugs in your community!!

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We take your rubbish as it suits you! With us there is no waiting around for collection days or relying on your waste services. Simply fill 2 black bags and bring them to your nearest BIGbin waste compactor! It’s that simple!!

Our BIGbin units are not a novelty everyone can use them! Simply look at our website to find the nearest location to you. You do not have to use our service regularly; we are here when you need us for a once-off drop off. Do you ever have extra waste? Whether Christmas has left a lot of trash lying around the house or you’re clearing out after a spring clean BIGbin can take your excess rubbish unlike your waste collection service. BIGbin are here for you 24/7. By supporting BIGbin you’re supporting local business! The BIGbin company are 100% Irish owned and are the industry leaders in the “pay to use” waste disposal market.