BIGbin is committed to providing the highest standards in the provision of waste management services to their customers. We have a commitment to providing a service that seeks to incentivise waste prevention and to encourage the segregation of waste so that it can be managed in accordance with the waste hierarchy, whereby waste prevention, preparing for reuse, recycling and other recovery are preferred over the disposal of waste.

This approach is in line with current national waste policy in the area — A Resource Opportunity — Waste Management Policy in Ireland. This document is designed to communicate how we intend to provide household waste management services in accordance with these principles to the public in a clear and concise fashion.


(a) We will provide a reliable waste deposit service and process your waste in a professional and environmentally sound manner.
(b) All service provision will be carried out in line with current local and national legislation and in line with sustainable waste management practices.
(c) We will consider any reasonable special requests that individual households may have.
(d) We will explain clearly what our service rules are and the reasons for them.
(e) We will respond to formal complaints we receive about our services in a timely and professional manner.
(f) We will ensure that there are no direct impediments to you switching your waste management service provider should you wish to do so.
(g) We will design our service and accept waste in a way that minimises litter and odour nuisance.
(h) We will offer a “2 or 3 receptacle” service to facilitate the segregation of household residual, recyclable food and where applicable bio waste, in line with our Certificate of Registration.


(a) We will explain clearly what services you can expect to receive and will provide details of the waste acceptance services we offer on a county/city basis to the relevant local authority for publishing on their website.
(b) We will keep you informed of changes in our service that are designed to improve our service offering via our website.


(a) In line with national policy, prevent, reuse and recycle waste as much as possible. Refer to national and regional campaigns that seek to help reduce waste production. Segregate your waste materials properly and place this waste in their respective receptacles. Please refer to the list of acceptable wastes provide below, which are available on our website or which are available to be sent to you by post, if requested.
(b) Where applicable, in the event that you have difficulty paying an outstanding bill, please contact us directly as soon as possible as we have a procedure to agree an individual payment plan which deals with how we will manage customers who have difficulty paying their bill.
(d) Contact us, as your waste management service supplier if you have any queries on how best to manage any of your waste materials. We have the expertise to provide the appropriate service or advice on how to best resolve the issue.


(a) The range of service and costs for service provision will be clearly communicated to each customer at point of purchase
(b) New Customers will receive information on charging and pricing structures at the time of sign up, where applicable, i.e. whether over the phone or via website sign-up
(e) Customers will be entitled to easy access to their account information including statements / balances via website,


(a) You are entitled to a fair and reasonable hearing when you have a genuine complaint or dispute and the company commits to resolving your issues as quickly as is reasonably possible. Please find our contact details for complaints:
(b) We will respond to formal complaints we receive about our services in a timely and professional manner. In the case of written complaints, within 10 working days.
(c) Complaints shall be logged on the individual customer account with a tracking facility to ensure the complaint has been resolved and the customer notified of updates or the course of action taken to resolve the issue.
(d) Dispute resolution including withdrawal of service will be in line with the company policy available on the company website or which is sent out by post on request. This will be a fair and equitable process in line with good consumer policies.


(a) We shall implement an education and awareness programme in relation to waste management for householders for which we provide a service. This will be available via promotional literature that we provide directly to you and via our website or through the website of the relevant local authority.
(b) Information packs shall be available to all customers clearly indicating waste types appropriate to each receptacle and how to deposit material for recycling.
(c) We shall work with other national bodies in promoting waste prevention, reduction and recycling e.g. EPA / Repak etc.
(d) We will provide Waste Segregation and Presentation Guidelines to customers, or at a minimum to the relevant local authority for publishing on their website, which clearly explain which materials are to be placed in which receptacle and accept at a minimum the recycling materials set out below and as prescribed in the seventh schedule of the Waste Management (Facility Permit and Registration) Regulations 2007. We will explain to you what happens to materials deposited in the residual, recycle and food waste receptacles.


Your new household recycling list

Rigid Plastics
Soft plastics
Butter, Yoghurt & Salad Tubs Fruit & Veg Trays
Plastic Milk Cartons Plastic Milk Cartons
Plastic Cleaning Bottles Plastic Cleaning Bottles
Tins & Cans
Soup Cans Drink Cans
Pet Food Cans Food Cans
Paper & Cardboard
Egg Boxes Cardboard Boxes (Flat)
Tetra Pak Juice or Milk Cartons Letters and Brochures
Toilet and Kitchen Roll Toilet and Kitchen Roll


(a) Should you wish to terminate your service provision, where applicable, please advise us by email or in writing or by phoning giving (number of days to be inserted) days’ notice. Where applicable, any balance owing on your account, after a Cancellation Charge (if applicable) is deducted, will be refunded to you within 30 days of receipt of termination notice.
(b) We will ensure that there are no direct impediments to you switching your service provider.