SaaS: Software as a Service

Unique Technology

The BigBin Company has developed a cashless bin system specifically designed for civic amenity sites and apartment complexes. We provide a hosted solution that facilitate user registration and authentication, manages all user transactions including payment and holds record of customer details and transactions.

Base Service

  • Hosted server base licence (Live system)
  • Facilitate user registration and authentication
  • Manage all user transactions
  • Hold record of customer details and transaction’s
  • Report on historical transactions, providing both analytics and statistics including creation of a printable daily/weekly/monthly transaction report.
  • Allow payment by card at the sign up station or online

Additional Features

Addition of payment module so users can pay in cash. This will involve taking money from the customer over the counter and adding it to their accounts via the admin dashboard. This is a perfect solution for those without debit/credit cards.
Addition of a user portal so customers can view their transactions and top up online (at home).

Pay by Weight Compactor

  • NSAI approved integrated weighing platform
  • Keypad terminal that allows access to drum and communicates with server
  • Powerful hydraulic rams that compact ratio of 4:1

Compactors are manufactured to customer’s specifications and finished in requested colour. Price will depend on compactor size which are from 8 cubic metres to 24 cubic metres.

Tablet Sign-in Terminal

This tablet facilities customer registration and card payment at the civic amenity site or apartment complex

Bin Compactor/Hardware Maintenance and Support

  • Backup keypad device
  • Maintenance and support of weighing platform, keypad and bin compactor
  • Telephone Support

Server Monthly Support and Maintenance

  • Office system monthly support
  • Web based service with 4 backups daily
  • Telephone support
  • Ticket support

How it Works for the End User

  1. Customers register an account online and add money/credit to their account. It’s a minimum of €7 for each opening.
  2. Customers enters their PIN on the keypad to open the drum and places their rubbish on the weighing platform.
  3. The compactor has a machine server that communicate with the web server to identify customers when at the compacting unit. This authentication will be done using a customer’s phone number and Personal Identification Number.
  4. The drum will then open and the customers place their waste inside. This waste cost is taken from the customer’s account balance.
  5. Customer’s receives a text of the weight to their phone. This is also sent to their online account.

End User Benefits

  • Full account history
  • 100% secure payments
  • Simple to use
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • 24/7 account access and ability to top-up