One of the great benefits of the BIGbin is that it’s a cost-effective waste disposal tool for people who do not generate enough weekly rubbish to justify a weekly bin collection. This is the exact scenario that prompted Maeve Scanlon from Waterford to switch to using the BIGbin. Maeve’s husband sadly passed away in 2020 and she said that she was paying a monthly bin collection fee but most weeks wasn’t even putting any of her bins out.

“I had never heard about the BIGbin and then one day when I was complaining to one of my friends about paying for a bin collection and putting out half-full bins, they told me about the BIGbin option,” Maeve said. “Now I just empty my rubbish when I need to. It’s perfect for me and has removed one bill a month. Every little helps.”

BIGbin is a pay-as-you go waste disposal option that allows members of the public to visit their nearest BIGbin location and dispose of two standard black bags of rubbish for €8 and two bags of recycling for €5. If you need to get rid of more bags, all you have to do is buy more tickets, which are available in the store close to the BIGbin or via an online account which can be created at