How many times have you forgetten to leave your bin out on collection day? Not to worry! You are among the 43% of Irish people who continuously forget to drag their bins out for their designated collection day!

If you are fed up of missing bin day and paying an annual fee then we have the best solution to get rid of rubbish in Cork.

The BIGbin Company is an easy to use waste collection service alternative operating in Cork City and Cork County. We provide customers witch a much more convenient alternative to their traditional bin collection service.

We know that the waste disposal industry here in Ireland is extremely outdated and inconvenient for many people, that s why we offer our customers a hassle free service.

Where are the locations you can do this in Cork?

We have waste compactors situated on popular petrol forecourts throughout Cork. Check here to find your nearest BIGbin. Not sure if BIGbin is for you? BIGbin is for everyone!! We are an ideal service that everyone and anyone can use! We do not charge an annual fee and with us, there are no contracts! You simply dispose of your waste as you need to! We charge €8 for two black bags of rubbish.

Is it easy to get rid of Rubbish in Cork using Bigbin?

Our waste compactors are extremely easy to use. All you have to do is fill two of your own black bags of rubbish and bring them to a BIGbin location.

Once you are there, purchase your ticket in the petrol station and key in the code onto the BIGbin unit. Then just throw in your two bags of rubbish and walk away! It’s that easy!

We are ideal for people who live in small households, empty nesters, pensioners, those on a budget, people who do not accumulate enough rubbish to justify paying for a waste collection service and even people who produce rubbish at peak times.

For example if you are having a spring clean in your house and you have too much rubbish to put out for your waste collection service, bring your excess waste to your nearest BIGbin unit! We are a cheap waste disposal alternative in Cork City and Cork County.

Our BIGbin units are an environmentally friendly method to waste disposal as we recycle a large proportion of the waste that we recover from our compactors.

Here at The BIGbin Company we are extremely passionate about helping our customer’s dispose of their waste in an environmentally friendly way that is also very cost effective.

We use the latest technology to monitor our bins remotely. When the BIGbin is full it is collected and brought to a recycling centre where we recycling the contents using Mechanical Biotechnology Treatment (MBT) Technology.

We recycling over 50% of the waste we collect from the BIGbin units. However, we still encourage our customers to recycle as much as they can before using the BIGbin.