Everyone is looking for a way to save money at the moment. All the things we took for granted have suddenly increased in price and, typically, our wages have stayed the same. Now is the time to look at all of your outgoings and try to find ways to reduce them, or in some cases, wipe them out entirely.

Most households in Ireland pays for a weekly waste collection but not every household in Ireland needs one. If you find that there are some weeks when you’re not even bothering to wheel out the bin because it’s only half full, you need to think about eliminating that bill and choosing something different. With BIGbin, you can dispose of two big black sacks of rubbish for just €8 and €2 for your recycling. That way you can get rid of your rubbish whenever you need to. Maybe you live alone or in a small family – there really is a way to cancel that monthly direct debit and make some BIG savings with the BIGbin.