So we decided to do something different! We wanted to raise awareness of BIGbin, our services and what we do but we did not want to go down the root that other business’s seem prone to take.

Lets face it Billboards are well frankly boring.  Fortunately we have on staff our own resident crazy artist and after a cup of tea and a brain storming session we came up with the idea of clean tagging as a way of promoting what we do. 

We are a young company and only really just starting out in the waste compacting business so we wanted to make a statement as well as promote ourselves.

We believe in Art and wanted to not just advertise but to actually do street art that will look good and make people stop and enjoy.

First we cast about for strong iconic images that would work well on the walls.

We needed to make sure that we could also convert the images we were thinking about into functional stencils. Here are some of our first ideas. 

We then digitally placed these into images we had taken to see what the image would look like when finished.

These images proved to be to complex to turn into stencils so back to the drawing board.

Finally after many hours of searching we came up with three very strong iconic images that would sit well on the wall and be easy enough to execute as a stencil.

The first step was to create the board artwork as a black and white image.

Then convert that image into an 8×4 stencil.

Once that was done and we planned out the bridges we sent the files away to a company to rowte the image out of 1cm thick plastic board. We then waited for a gap in the weather to go out and tackle the project.

We waited and waited and waited and waited and finally a gap in the clouds appeared and we managed to do a few locations before a slight mishap involving the van and the art boards.

Oh Well at least we managed to do it. We were delighted with the results and have gotten really positive feedback.