Fed up of your waste collection service? Sick of forgetting to put you’re Bins out on the designated days? Tired of paying an annual fee? Well then BIGbin is for you!

The BIGbin Company is a cheap method of waste disposal in Waterford. We have two BIGbin locations in Waterford City. We are a convenient and handy service compared to your standard bin collection/skip hire service.

The current method of waste collection is outdated and inconvenient for many households. A lot of people do not accumulate enough domestic waste to pay for an annual waste collection service; many small households are putting out half empty bins and paying the same price as larger families that generate much more waste.

People are also tied down to specific collection days and have to enter a contract with their service provider.

BIGbin allows you to dispose of your rubbish whenever you need to!

Currently in Waterford City there are 18,252 households. Every home produces waste and therefore needs a solution to dispose of it. We offer customers incredible value, charging only €8 for 2 of your own black bags full of rubbish.

We are an ideal service for every household but in particular we are perfect for those on a budget, small households, empty nesters, pensioners, singles, couples, people who do not produce enough waste to justify paying for an annual fee, students and people who produce excess rubbish at peak times like Christmas time or Bank Holidays.

Our BIGbin units are located on the forecourts of 4 busy petrol stations in Waterford.

Our locations are well lighted so you can dispose of your rubbish anytime. Our Service is extremely simple to use, you purchase your ticket in the petrol station, key in the code into the BIGbin units and put your two black bags of waste in, and it’s that easy!!

Fed up of having to “Dance to Someone Else’s Tune” in regards to your own waste?

It’s time to make a change and switch to the BIGbin! We can guarantee you will save Time, Effort and Money!! You can finally pick what day your rubbish is disposed of and not have to worry about missing assigned bin collection days!

We are also ideal for students attending Waterford Institute of Technology, as many student households only have 3 or 4 residents so they may not produce enough waste to justify paying for their bins to be collected every week.

They can simply go whenever they need to their nearest BIGbin and dispose of their waste for just €8.

There is no need to pay your annual collection fee anymore! Our BIGbin units operate 7 days a week which mean you can literally dispose of your waste any time!!