BIGbin is proud to be able to offer its support to the Waterford gives a shirt campaign.

The campaign was launched by our friend and neighbor Liz Murphy and Cian Foley.

The idea started off as a casual conversation on Facebook and soon grew into a monumental campaign Waterford gives a shirt is opposed to the governments plan to remove Waterford’s city status. Liz has said “The Government has taken our jobs and given our money to the bankers.

Now they want to rewrite 1,100 years of history and take Waterford’s city status. 

“Seeing as there’s nothing left to give, they may as well strip the shirts off our backs too.” The campaign has received thousands and thousands of shirts.

Each shirt represents a citizen of the oldest city in Ireland.

On the 21st of November these shirts will be left outside the Dail in Dublin to show the government we are not happy with this decision.

After the protest the shirts will be sold and the money will be donated to local charity. Good Luck Liz and Cian up the Blaa.