Is there a dump near me? How much is it to dump rubbish? These are some of the most common search terms when it comes to dumping rubbish so in this blog we’re going to try and answer some of those questions, whilst also explain why the BIGbin could be your best answer!

There are of course, civic amenity sites, otherwise known as dumps, all over the country. The charges vary from site to site, but we can take a look at a few to see what kind of costs you can expect when you want to dispose of rubbish.

In Waterford, there are two civic amenity sites – in Kilbarry and in Dungarvan. It costs €6 to dump a bag of rubbish and all other charges can be found here.

There are also two BIGbin sites in Waterford  – On Manor Street and in St. John’s Park. It costs €8 to dump TWO black sacks of rubbish in these bins.

Carlow’s Civic Amenity Site is located in Powerstown and like Waterford and many other sites in Ireland, there are many different charges, that also start with €6 for disposing of one bag of rubbish. For more information on Carlow’s Civic Amenity Site, see here.

There are a number of Civic Amenity Centres in Wexford, in Gorey, Enniscorthy, New Ross and the main one, which is in Holmestown. Like all centres in Ireland, they are not open seven days a week. Holmestown is closed on Sundays and Mondays. It costs €2 to enter and if you want to dump a black sack of rubbish, it will cost you €5. For more information on Holmestown, visit this site.

These are the standard costs of civic amenity sites in Ireland. They are very handy if you want to dump big and bulky items such as mattresses, sofas, carpets etc. However, if you are only looking to dump black sacks of rubbish it makes far more sense to use the BIGbin, which is significantly cheaper, at €8 for two bags and they are also open seven days a week. To find your nearest BIGbin, click here