More people than ever will holiday at home this year, whether it’s in a Caravan Park, Holiday Home or maybe even a tent in the middle of a field. We all deserve a break, especially in the current climate and because we still can’t travel abroad due to covid restrictions, the closest we’ll come this year to a holiday will be a staycation in one of our beautiful counties, cities and villages.

When we take a holiday. whether it’s for a week or more  we will generate as much, if not more waste than if we were at home and of course our trusty bin men and wheelie bins won’t be able to come with us. This is where BIGbin is your BIG friend!

First thing you should check is where your nearest BIGbin is located. You can find an up to date list here.

If your holiday home, caravan, tent etc is near a BIGbin, you can consider all your waste problems sorted for the duration of your staycation. All you have to do is set up an account on and buy some credit, which is controlled at the bin with your mobile number and unique PIN that you’ll receive each time you top up. Alternatively, you can purchase BIGbin tickets in the shops located beside each BIGbin location.

For €8, you can open the bin and dispose of two standard sized bin bags of rubbish and for €5 you can dispose of your recycling. It really is as simple as that. Don’t let rubbish build up at your holiday site when there’s a BIG solution not too far away.