BIGbin has dozens of locations all over Ireland and almost every month, a new location is added to the list. When BIGbin arrives in your area, it gives you complete control over your extra waste. Here are just some of the BIG benefits to having a BIGbin in your town.

 – Did you forget to put out your bin last night? Instead of having to wait up to two weeks for your bin to be collected again, you can visit your nearest BIGbin location and buy a ticket (or use credit from your online BIGbin account) for the bin. It’s €8 for general waste and €5 for recycling. Each ticket allows you to fit two standard sized black sacks in the bin.

 – Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t generate enough waste to justify a contract bin collection. This can be frustrating – paying out money every week for a service you’re not using to its potential. With BIGbin, there is no contract and you can use the service whenever you are ready to. No more worrying about having to fill the bin for a collection each week.

– Have you got more rubbish than usual? Everybody has times when they have generated more waste than usual. Maybe they have guests over, or they have a party. Maybe it’s Christmas time and the bin fills up so much faster than usual. This is where BIGbin comes in handy. Any extra rubbish you have can be dumped for as little as €8. 

– BIGbin has proven to be a lifesaver for caravan and holiday home users because of its no-contract, cost-efficient way of disposing of short term rubbish. It also helps to keep our lovely towns, cities and villages clean.