If you’re going camping, or planning a camping trip any time soon, there are a few things that you need to know, that there’s a good chance never even entered your mind. Fear not, BIGbin has some BIG tips to guarantee that your camping trip is a success.

1. Pack light.

This is not as obvious as it sounds. For example, if you’re planning on cooking scrambled eggs for breakfast during your camping trip, wouldn’t it make more sense to make the mixture in advance and store it in a plastic bottle (labelled eggs). This definitely makes more sense than buying eggs at the site, or bringing them along for the ride. The same can be done with pancake mix or any other kind of delicious camping treat!

2. Fire starter

We bet you never started a camp fire like this before. You know those egg cartons that you no longer need because you’re bringing the mixture in a plastic bottle? We have a better use for them. Instead of an egg, put a lump of charcoal in each slot in the carton. Close it up and you can light the whole carton for a very easy, and very efficient fire starter!

3. Plan your trip in advance

We don’t just mean plan your trip…we mean live your trip. If you’re going for five days, you should prepare those five days in advance. This may sound like hard work but it’s actually really fun and will make you even more excited to go away for the real thing. When you plan a trip in advance, you’re planning for all eventualities. Prep your food and make it in advance. Know what you’re going to be eating on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. This is a better tip than you think. Try it before your next camping trip!

4. Do a bit of stealing

Okay, so we don’t mean the type of stealing that will get you thrown in jail. If you know you’re going for a camping trip in August, you should make sure that every time you visit a takeaway or a restaurant before then, you take home some extra sachets of salt, ketchup, vinegar etc. By the time you go away, you’ll have a neat little case of condiments that you’ll be thankful for when it comes to cooking around that open fire.

5. Bring an extension lead

As we know, power is at a premium when you’re camping. When there are only a couple of sockets and a lot of devices, the extension lead will be your camping hero!

6. Check for a BIGbin

Disposing of waste is always a big deal when you’re camping. Bins are never large enough to take your waste and everyone else’s and some camping sites charge extortionate fees for using their facilities. Check out https://bigbin.ie/locations/ to see if there’s a BIGbin close to. your camping site. The BIGbin will take two large black sacks of rubbish for just €8 and two bags of recycling for just €2 and that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about!